Wood preservative for protection and prevention treatment of wood against decay,
fungi, and wood-destroying insects
in the USA, Canada, Asia, and Worldwide

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Tim-Bor Use Questions & Answers

Aug. 14, 2012. What tips do you have on applying Tim-Bor to old barn beams?
A. You need to use an electric drill with a bit size just a little bit larger than the nozzle end of a hand-pumped garden sprayer to drill holes into the timbers, nine inches apart in a diamond pattern. Then use the garden sprayer (containing the Tim-Bor mix) to pressure inject Tim-Bor mix (at least one half pound of Tim-Bor per gallon of water) into each hole. Then, re-seal the holes with a strong wood putty. Then spray all exterior sides of all timbers at least twice, with drying in between. If you see any visible mold growth you need to remove it. Please read the 25 steps for safe and effective mold remediation. Best wishes, mold expert, Phillip Fry, Certified Environmental Hygienist

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Tim-Bor Use Questions & Answers
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